Security at a Casino


Casino is an entertaining place with flashing lights, glamour and luxury. Its main purpose is to attract tourists, who are willing to spend their money on gambling games in exchange for an exotic atmosphere. This is why casinos are often located in tourist destinations. However, they are also found in some remote locations.

Casinos use many tricks to attract gamblers. They entice visitors with a wide variety of gambling options, from slot machines and tables to racing horses and even bingo. They provide free food and drinks to keep gamblers on the premises, even if it makes them intoxicated and less likely to realize how much they are losing. In addition, they use chips instead of cash to make money seem abstract and reduce the chances of theft.

In the twenty-first century, casinos are becoming more choosy about who they invite into their gaming rooms. They prefer large-stakes players, who are referred to as “high rollers.” High-rollers get free hotel rooms, meals and shows, and often receive comps worth thousands of dollars.

A casino’s security begins on the floor, where employees watch patrons and try to spot any blatant cheating. Elaborate surveillance systems offer a high-tech eye-in-the-sky, allowing security staff to monitor every table, window and doorway. These are augmented by electronic devices that track betting patterns and reveal any statistical deviations. These systems are used for both general security and special cases, such as a dealer’s suspected crooked dealing style or a table’s apparent inability to produce winning bets.